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December 2012

CAR: Bozizé, Zuma in backroom troops deal

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Central African Republic’s outsted president Francois Bozizé’s request for South African troops in Bangui did not go through proper channels. The government of the Central African Republic did not make a formal request to South Africa to send troops there. Ousted president Francois Bozizé made the request directly to President Jacob Zuma, without going through his own country’s national assembly. The doyen of constitutional lawyers in the CAR, MaAi??tre Zarambaud Assingambi, told the Mail & Guardian that there is nothing wrong with the president signing a defence agreement, but any such agreement must be ratified by the national assembly, and…

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CAR’s criminal soldiers ‘out of control’

By Central African Republic, Mail & Guardian No Comments “Out of control elements” is how locals are referring to those responsible for the acts of violence that are keeping people off the CAR’s streets. But there is absolutely no doubt who these elements are ai??i?? they are Seleka soldiers who self-proclaimed president Michel Djotodia has not managed to stop from raping, looting, pillaging and killing. On Wednesday morning two district chiefs arrived at local independent radio station Ndeke Luka to announce that two police officers had been stripped naked and beaten on a busy street while Seleka rebels shared the stolen uniforms amongst themselves. A few hours earlier…

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