Radio Okapi is a Congolese success story. From the moment it went on the air on February 25th, 2002, Radio Okapi was a winner. Broadcasting at the time from its three original studios in Kinshasa, Kisangani and Goma, Radio Okapi assured its listeners that it was a non-partisan source of credible information. The then head of the UN peacekeeping mission in the country, speaking before the security council, credited Radio Okapi with electronically destroying the frontline in the war that was ripping apart the Democratic Republic of Congo, a conflict sometimes referred to as Africa’s 1st World War, due to the number of African countries involved in the fighting. Okapi Consulting grew out of Radio Okapi, after two of the radio’s founders, Stephanie Wolters and David Smith established the new firm. Radio Okapi remains on the air to this day, and serves as the most important source of information about the region both locally and internationally.