The bird that brings good luck! That’s what Ndeke Luka means inĀ Sango, the main language of the Central African Republic. Radio Ndeke Luka is the follow-up radio to Radio MINURCA – a radio station set up for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission to the Central African Republic back in 1998. Okapi Consulting’s David Smith was the founding director of the station. From the moment it took to the airwaves, Radio MINURCA became the de-facto national broadcaster. With its shortwave component along with FM in the capital Bangui as well as in Bambari, it offered the best news, current affairs and entertainment programming in the country. Some of the Central African Republic’s best radio talent, including Tita Samba Sole, Fernande Francoise Sackanot, Lydia Nzengou, Ceraphin Ganmo-Missipande, Pascal-Isidore Boutene and Jean-Lambert Ngouandji gave Radio MINURCA its head start and ensured a successful transition to Radio Ndeke Luka, which maintains its position of dominance in the country.